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Double Sided Texture

2019/06/10 06:09

Hi everyone,

I am having problem with double sided textures in cycles for 3ds Max.

Can anyone help me how to get this effect?

Thank you.

2019/06/12 03:37


This effect is possible right now, but only when using the Cycles Shader Graph material.

You can read about using that material here in the manual:

Here's a screenshot of a material I have set up to work like this. In this example the front of the mesh will be red and the back will be blue.

The key here is the 'Backfacing' output of the 'Geometry' node, found in the Input category. Connecting this output to a 'Fac' input on either a Mix RGB node (for textures) or a Mix node (for materials) will let you independently change how each side of the mesh looks.

I'll also see what I can do about making double-sided materials usable without the Cycles Shader Graph material. Hopefully I can have something ready for the next release of the plugin to address this.