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Beta 2.06

2019/09/03 18:57

i'm trying to add bump with Checker Texture like here

but it doesn't work , what i'm doing wrong?

actually, i found a way, through Physical material, with Normal Map

2019/09/11 11:48

Hello, apologies for taking this long to reply.

Setting up a bump map as described in that stack exchange post is possible, but right now only through the Cycles Shader Graph material type in Max. This should let you create the exact same shader graph in Max as that answer has pictured for Blender.

Read more about the shader graph editor and how to use it here:

The physical material does indeed have support for this built in to a degree, but it doesn't give you full control over the strength and distance parameters on the Bump node. If you really want to tweak the appearance to look just right, putting together a Cycles Shader Graph material would be your best choice.

Pete Draper
2019/09/28 17:55

The normal map application is working but only at a fraction of the strength - ie cranking the bump value in the Physical material to 10 gives around 10% of the desired strength in comparison to a value of 0.1 or even 0.05 in Mental Ray (etc). Is there any way a multiplier can be incorporated behind the scenes in the translator to exaggerate the output use? We're looking to use this in a feature and, to be honest cos I'm short on time, I don't fancy converting 150 materials to Nodes.

PS this is step one in converting the team to Blender ;)

PPS great work - it's really fast compared to MR et al though am noticing update issues in the node graph.

PPPS any timeframe on the exporter for 2.8??