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3.00 - Error Loading ParamBlock2

2019/10/09 23:06

Thank you for the new update. I am unable to open any previously created files, I get File Open Error "Error Loading ParamBlock2" then I click OK, and get "Invalid file - only partially loaded" then I click OK and get "File Open Failed"

2019/10/11 04:44

Hey, sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately I'm currently out of town for a few days and away from my normal workstation so I can't look into too deeply until I get back, but I do have a couple troubleshooting steps and questions that will help sort this out.

My initial thought is that this has something to do with some changes to materials. In the latest version I removed some texmap slots from a few different materials.

If you can load up your scenes in Beta 2.06, check the materials you are using. If you have something connected to any of the below slots, try disconnecting it and then resaving and loading with the new plugin version.

These slots are:

Subsurface Scattering material: Sharpness map

Transparent material: Any of the normal map slots

If none of those are connected or disconnecting them doesn't help, then this is a more serious issue.

You can also try completely removing any instances of either of those materials you are using from the file, then resaving and remaking those specific materials in 3.00 if the above doesn't work.

If none of that helps, I'd appreciate if you could send the file causing the crash to and I can take a much deeper look at the source of the problem as soon as I get back home early next week. This is a serious problem and I'll look into it as a priority then and get a fix ready as fast as I can.

2019/10/12 05:02

I have tried to narrow it down. I have a simple scene with a character in it. The character has a multi/sub-object 16 slots with the Principled SSDF (Surface) materials. I had a map in the Base Color Map slot, Subsurface set to 1.0, a map in the SS Color Map slot. Radius: X:1.5, Y:0.5, Z:1.0.

To test, I re-saved my original file as a new name using Cycles 2.06 and without the map slot in the SS Color Map, another file without the SSS (Subsurface 0.0). And saved another file without the Principled SSDF (Surface) material and replaced with the Physical Material.

Re-installed Cycles 3.00. The only file I did not get the “Error Loading ParamBlock2” was the last one where I did not have the Principled SSDF (Surface) material in the scene.

I did manage to find a work-around that is a bit painful – I merged the character including the Principled SSDF (Surface) material into a new scene and just clicked ok to all the errors. The mesh came in and the Principled SSDF (Surface) material came in but without the maps and some settings. I reloaded the maps and the settings - the error did not appear anymore after that. I hope this helps.

2019/10/16 00:31

Alright, thanks for the info. I'll be back working on this tomorrow and should hopefully be able to get a fix out in a few days.

I have a pretty good idea of what the problem is based on the fact that it is also affecting the Principled BSDF and I think I know how to solve it.

2019/11/10 05:04

Hi, any news on this update?

2019/11/12 02:20

Sorry for the delay, this is still coming in the next version but fixing it ended up being more complicated that I expected. Unfortunately I created a problem by setting up a ParamBlock2 incorrectly and it will now require a somewhat messy solution for me to support loading the old and new formats from a single plugin version, but I think I have it figured out now.

I'll be releasing version Beta 3.01 later this week and I expect it will fully resolve this problem.

2019/12/01 07:33

Again, sorry for the delay, still working on this, it has proven to be much more difficult to fix than I expected. Right now fixing this is the biggest issue holding up the new version.

At this point I don't think I can guarantee to have it fixed in the next release anymore, but I am still looking into a few more possibilities.

If I can't provide a real fix with the next release, I'll be sure to release some maxscript or something to help convert materials from the old format to something the new plugin can read.

I can also promise that, having learned a few thing about how files are saved in Max from this, a compatibility break like this will not happen again in a future release.