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Small tiles - same GPU render speed

2019/04/14 17:02

In the new blender versions, the tile size for GPU rendering doesn't affect the speed that much.

it would be more beneficial if this can be supported.

2019/04/17 08:42

I believe this is still a relatively recent change in Blender that hasn't made it to a release version yet, please correct me if I'm wrong here.

If I understand correctly, this change will definitely be coming to the Cycles plugin I'm making, but probably not for a few more months. Blender 2.80 isn't quite stable yet so I'm hesitant to pull in any changes from it for this plugin yet. Right now the plan is that 2.80 will be released some time around July, and I plan to have the plugin updated shortly after that.

2019/04/22 00:54

You are correct, it is a feature which has not been implemented yet in the official release 2.79b, but as i can recall it was implemented in the 2.97c release.

but as you said, it is better to wait until the official release and update it then.

then i will be glad to wait for the update to test it :-)

as for now rendering is fast only on big tiles, which is a problem in big scenes cause of GPU low memory.

thank you for supporting the plugin , looking forward for more updates.

Keep up the good work

2019/04/22 10:43

I assume you're talking about some unofficial release as I only see 2.79b in the download and changelog section on the official site.

If you can point me towards where you downloaded that version I can take a look and see if I can bring in this change a bit early. If it is a small enough change then I'd be happy to include it in the next release of the plugin. If it is a big change though, I'd want to wait to bring it in along with all of the other 2.80 goodies.

2019/04/28 16:37

yeah sure it it will be my honor to help in any way that i can :-)

it was also difficult for me to find the this version i know what do you mean, i didn't find it too in the official releases, i guess it was removed or something .

the version name is : blender-2.79.0-git.d7cecc2ba3f6-windows64

as a test i tried the fishy-cat scene at 256x256 and it was 21 sec

then changed it to 32x32 and it was the same

meanwhile when i tested it at 16x16 it was 31 sec

as for the naming convention i am pretty sure that it was called 2.79c as i recall, cause i was doing some researching about it at that time

2019/05/02 06:14

Great, thanks for that git commit id.

I'm pretty busy right now but I'll take a look at that some time in the next week and see if I can work it into the next update.

2019/05/07 21:33

I've had a chance to take a look at this now and unfortunately I won't be able to get it in before the other 2.80 changes. It looks like the 2.79c release includes a bunch of 2.80 Cycles changes including dropping CUDA support for GeForce 400- and 500-series graphics cards.

Right now I want to avoid ending support for those cards until necessary, so I won't be bringing in any code from 2.79c.

That said, the 2.80 release is only a couple months away so you won't have to wait too long for this, it just won't be in my next release.

2019/07/31 18:02

sorry that i was late, but i was very busy. as you know life is life :-(

thanks for the replay, and for the git id , anytime :-) .. i am glad that i can help in anyway i can.

yeah i hope that i can take the cycles 2.8 for a test drive in the near future :-) , i can't wait :-p.

Keep up the good work

best regards

2019/10/16 00:33

As of Beta 3.00, this is included in the plugin. Closing the thread.